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NEWS: Latontine will gather the Saturday 4th June 2011, at 5pm at Daline's Place. Main agenda topic will be the following: Investment prospect, Financials update, and Disciplinary enquiry. Let's meet at Dalin'es place this weekend. For more info, contact

About us

Latontine Community Development Projects, Co-operative Limited. Registration No: 2009/006155/24

Founded in 2005 by Christian Nguegan, Latontine is a community of African people coming mostly from the central and western areas of the continent, typically from French sub areas, and living in South Africa. We gather here under the co-orporative by our common vision, mission, and devotion to our living experience in our beloved host country South Africa. We strive to share our experiences, to improve our living conditions, and we’re trying to help each another to achieve his/her goal while contributing to a better integration and acceptance with our South Africans brothers.

Latontine has already gathered an important community of foreign national living in South Africa. We’re helping our families and friends, to improve their living conditions, as well as we’re helping our people to live a better shared multicultural lifestyle amount our South-Africans brothers.

Our association, Latontine is registered under Section 7, Act 14, of the Co-Operatives Act 2005 of the Republic of South Africa, as a Primary Co-Operative LIMITED. The registration was made on the 2009/10/07. Our full registration name is Latontine Community Development Projects, and our Registration Number is 2009/006155/24. Hence, we are a Primary Co-Operative with a limited liability. Our constitution was also registered on the same date. We have officially been entitled to run business by the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office of South Africa (CIPRO).

We have a proper organisational structure. A Chairperson and a board committee is leading the association, with the support of the members or sympathising friends of this community. General Meetings are monthly held, and the association passes in review, the progress of its activities. A proper calendar of activities is set at the beginning of each year, and hand to hand, the group evolves with other legal institutions in South Africa like Embassies, Banks, Insurances Companies, Police Services.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
Help to create a peaceful and successful community living with their South-African brothers.

Our Mission:
Build a harmonious African community sharing all the benefits of its rich socio-cultural experience.

Membership and Board Committee of the Association

Member's Registration:
All Cameroonians studing, working or simply based in South Africa are welcome to register to the association. Their relatives, wifes, children are also welcome. Other foreign national, non Cameroonian can also register to the group, provided that we can happily share our cultures and experiences in South Africa. For more information about the registration process, click here or please contact us.

The board committee.
A leading bureau is set every two years by a voting process into the association.
The Chairperson is the head of the organization. At the moment, the board is organized as it follows:
Chairman: Aubin Alawa
General Secretary: Paul P. Nyobe
General Secretary Assistant: Eric Kagou
Treasurer: Daniel Doualla
Treasurer Assistant: Serges Ndebi
Internal Auditor 1: Nicole Bayiha
Internal Auditor 2: Alain Sakang

Departments of Latontine
To achieve our objectives, in additional to the board, Latontine has many departments, each one aimed in a specific field:
Department of Social and Cultural Affairs, leaded by Carmelle
Department of Discipline, leaded by William
Department of Communications, leaded by Ludovick & P.P Nyobe.
Department of Projects & Investments, leaded by Aubin.

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