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NEWS: Latontine will gather the Saturday 4th June 2011, at 5pm at Daline's Place. Main agenda topic will be the following: Investment prospect, Financials update, and Disciplinary enquiry. Let's meet at Dalin'es place this weekend. For more info, contact

Activities at Latontine

Cultural Activities

Every month Latontine host a social function whereby we wine and dine in the company of our fellow Africans. We treat ourselves with traditional meals and digest the food with music from our respective countries including slow Douala, Makossa, Zouk love, coupe décalé...

We celebrate our national day - May 20th - ; our department of Social and Cultural Affairs decides on the theme and assures a successful celebration.
At the end of the year we celebrate a good year by hosting a prestigious year end function.
(Visit our website soon for details on date and venue.)

Financial Activities


We pride ourselves with our well organized loan scheme, designed specifically to meet our members’ financial needs. We offer loan at an affordable rate and customized repayment terms.
We provide personal loan up to R30,000. Our loan book has grown more than 10 folds over the 4 years of services.


The medium term vision of Latontine is to establish an investment fund to support our long term projects at both group and members’ levels. Latontine, at the members’ level, intend to develop a business loan scheme to provide member’s with business loan of up to R200 000.

At group level we are in the process of developing a portfolio of properties, over the next coming 5years, with a minimum value of R5millions. Our first property acquisition is to take place this year and the target value is R400 000.


Latontine imposes a monthly minimum saving amount on all members without exception. The monthly minimum amount is determined every year by the board. The original amount was R400 this amount is currently set at R200 (for the 2009 Year ).

The amount saved does not attract a pre determined rate of interest however; all savings are loan back to the members with interest. Interests on savings grew from just over 5% in the first year to 22% last year.

Some members made more than 20% return on their savings last year.

Insurance Assistances

The insurance scheme guaranties maximum pay out in the event of the death of a member. All major funeral cost are covered by Latontine including the repatriation cost when applicable. Each member is required to maintain at all time a minimum of R1000 in order to part of the scheme.

The maximum pay out is currently R27 000.
The scheme makes provision for the members to receive financial assistance upon the death of the member’s dependants.
The amount paid out upon the death of a member’s dependant is currently R8 000. This amount is revised every year by the board.


Latontine provides various services including advertising and support structure for the visitors and prospective South African resident.

We understand and appreciate the challenges of people visiting South Africa for the first time and the people who migrate to South Africa either for better education or better economic opportunities.

We believe being new in an environment makes one susceptible to bad influences hence at Latontine we make it a point that all new comers including visitors, are well guided around and well integrated in the country.

We provide a platform through our website for visitor or migrant to enquire or seek support when facing challenges while living in South Africa or planning to come to South Africa.

Latontine has a dedicated team with a combined experience of more than 100 years; we invite those who are planning to visit South Africa or wanting to reside in South Africa to make use of our facility by emailing Latontine at when they need assistance or guidance. A qualified member of the team will be more than welcome to provide you with the appropriate assistance or support within a reasonable time limit.

Read about the other services provided by Latontine on our website- Currency Exchange; Goods & services for sale; Freight services.

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