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It is with delight that we are announcing the birth of the lovely baby boy Ninho Adamou Mefira. Born, June 10th 2009. The mother Nadine Mefira and the boy are doing fine. Hot News at Latontine! Multiple Votes will be carried out this next meeting (1st August - Hosted by Daline). A strict Committee of Discipline will be created, to maintain order and respect into the association. Changes will occur into the organization of our Bureau. Dear members, please make sure you will be present to vote for the rules that satisfy you the best.

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Members’ announcements regarding their own activities

N#2009-04-15.01 - Translation French - English - Zulu - Xosa (Johannesburg North)
Full services of translation French - English - isizulu - isisotho, spoken and written, available for visitors, corporates or students.

N#2009-04-17.01 - Goods transportation (Pretoria)
For all your needs of good transportation. Large truck available, with very good security.

N#2009-04-17.02 - Financial/Accounting Services (Midrand)
For all your need in accounting/tax/vat, expert available all week day.

N#2009-04-25.01 - Graphic design / Multimedia services
Need of website? Corporate video? broadcast services available.

N#2009-05-11.01 - IT solutions / Database development

N#2009-05-13.01 - Medical/Life/Insurances products

N#2009-05-27.01 - Marketing solutions

N#2009-06-02.01 - Hair dresser (Johannesburg North)
Full services of Hair design availabe.

Tourism in Cameroon

Need to discover the country in the central african coast?
Get advices, recommendations, the places to visit, South African places in Cameroon, best hotels, and tips to know for the best experience in Cameroon.

Tourism in South Africa

Need to discover Nelson Mandela's country?
Get advices, recommendations, the places to visit, Cameroonian places in South Africa, best hotels, and tips to know for the best experience in South Africa.

Current affairs in Cameroon & South Africa

Sports, politics in Cameroon and in South Africa.

Currency exchange, private to private (Rands/CFA)

Freshly arrived from/into the country with remaining foreign currency in your hand? Somebody is just about to travel. Let's exchange Rand/CFA and save thousands!

International Transportation of Good, private by private

Need to send a pack to your beloved country? Business men are travelling with nearly no luggage! Take this opportunity and send your packs!

General announces

Tips for new coming in South Africa.
Where to start when willing to travel to South Africa.
Legal procedures and requirements, for visitors, seasonal workers, students, medical visit.
Details of the South African High Commission in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Telephone, Fax, Email and Physical Address.

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